The 2012 Terp Chef Video contest

Think you've got what it takes to become UMD's Terp Chef?  Submit your short video creating a snack, meal or side dish in your kitchen, common room or residence hall.  Videos must meet the contest guidelines below.  Whoever receives the most votes will become Terp Chef 2012!

Prizes range from free meals on campus, to personal training sessions, to coupons and other giveaways!

Submit and vote for your video at the Terp Chef contest page.

View out video below for some inspiration:

If you’d like your recipe to be considered for our Terp Chef Cook Book, please email your written recipe to

Contest Guidelines:

  • Contest entries are limted to undergraduate and graduate students at UMD-CP.
  • Voting will end on Wednesday November 21st.  Contest prize winners will be announced on Friday November 30th.
  • Video submissions must be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Video submissions must be uploaded to a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo.  You will then submith the URL (web address) on the contest page.
  • Video should describe all ingredients and steps in making the recipe (but does not necessarily have to show all of those steps).
  • Recipes may be a meal, side dish, or snack - but should involve some type of cooking/assembling.  For example, a recipe should not just be cutting up vegetables. 
  • Recipe should fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

            -Recipe using only a microwave

            -Recipe using canned ingredient(s)

            -Recipe using something from The Farmer's Market at Maryland

  • Category winners will be based upon votes; a grand prize winner will be determined by a panel of judges.  Judging criteria are below:

Recipes should be healthy, affordable, and accessible for college students.

Healthy:  Try to use lean meats, fruits and vegetables, skim or non-fat dairy, whole grains, and lighter sauces/dressings. When using canned ingredients, try to use low sodium items (>20% RDA)

Affordable:  One serving of the recipe should be $10 or less.

Accessible: Keeping in mind that some college students don't have access to a kitchen, or a car to go to a grocery store.

*Extra consideration will be given to recipes that utilize local/sustainable foods, but recipes do not HAVE to include this.

Here is the link to what you can/cannot have in a residence hall: