Sustainability at the University Health Center

How is the University Health Center contributing to improving environmental health?

Conservation and Waste Reduction

  • The Univeristy Health Center is Bronze Green Office certified
  • The University Health Center’s HVAC system uses outside air (up to 50 degrees) instead of using chilled water to heat and cool the building.
  • Shutting down computers, turning off lights; recycling are part of employee performance review.
  • A number of University Health Center staff use Metro or other public transportation, bike, or walk to work
  • University Health Center Staff and visitors are reminded to use the stairs to help their hearts and their Earth!
  • University Health Center staff have reduced paper consumption by making many resource materials available on-line
  • Forms and educational materials that are printed are done so on 100% post-consumer waste paper.
  • The University Health Center saves our empty boxes for the staff to use for packing or moving
  • The University Health Center gives used furniture and computer equipment to Terp Trader for re-sale and re-use of items by others and purchases needed items from Terp Trader when possible.


The staff at the University Health Center takes recycling seriously…and makes serious work fun!

The University Health Center recycles the following:

    * Cardboard
    * Paper
    * Printer Cartridges
    * Mixed Paper
    * Plastic Bottles
    * Glass
    * Aluminum Cans
    * Batteries

Green Products

The University Health Center uses the Oxysmart system from Daycon for cleansing and disinfecting.  The chemical is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe on all surfaces.

The internal paint at the University Health Center is water based.

2010 - 2012 Sustainability Audit

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Campus Sustainability

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