Nutrition Services

The mission of the University Health Center Nutrition Service Department is to equip and support members of the campus community with the knowledge and skills needed to make and implement healthy nutrition choices. 

Nutrition Services include:

1. Diet Analysis Service,

2. Individual nutrition consultations with a Registered Dietitian,  and

3. Group Presentations.


Diet Analysis Service 

Individual Nutrition Consult 

A 45 minute, one on one session with a trained senior dietetic intern. 

The Diet Analysis Service offers participants the opportunity to have ones current diet evaluated for 27 different nutrients.  The participants are instructed to keep a 2 day food record which will be entered into the diet analysis software and compared to the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

The Diet Analysis Service provides an explanation of the analysis reports and assists participants in implementing nutrition recommendations through practical tips, realistic strategies and accessible tools the participant can use to improve their nutrition status. 

This service is available during fall and spring semesters to students, faculty and staff associated with the University of Maryland, College Park campus at no charge/fee. 

Please note this service does not include Medical Nutrition Therapy.  If you have nutrition related health issues such as diabetes, digestive disease, major food allergies, eating disorder etc., please refer to the registered dietitian. 

For more information on the free diet analysis service, visit


A 50 minute, one-on-one clinical appointment with a Registered Dietitian. Follow-up sessions are 20 minutes in length.

The clinical appointment will include an assessment of nutritional status by means of participant’s medical history, past dietary practices and physical activity history.

The dietitian will provide recommendations/resources to help participants implement change to improve health and wellbeing through optimal dietary practices. 

There is a fee for each appointment with the Registered Dietitian. Students are charged $20.00 per visit.

All non-students are charged $55.00 per visit.

In an effort to ensure adequate and appropriate nutrition counseling for all who seek it, there is a 10 session limit (for students) for appointments with the Registered Dietitian. Students who would benefit from a longer duration or more intensive course of nutrition counseling (for example, weekly nutrition sessions) will be referred to a list of dietitians in the community. No show fees will be assessed if an appointment is missed or is not canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours.

To make an appointment with the Registered Dietitian, please call (301)314-8184.

For information on group presentations, please contact Jane Jakubczak.

If you are unsure which service is best for you, please call or email Jane Jakubczak (301)314-8140 or

Helpful Nutrition Resources