Violence Intervention Assistant (VIA) Program


What is VIA?

You’ll learn information about:

  • What sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking are
  • The impact of these crimes and indicators that they have occurred
  • How to help someone who may have experience these crimes
  • What resources are available

You’ll learn Bystander Intervention skills like:

  • How to identify high risk situations
  • How to safely intervene and prevent violence from occurring


VIA trainings are a 1 day, 8 hr commitment…snacks provided!

Time: 9am-5pm on the dates below

Training Location: University Health Center

Cost: $10 materials fee per person, fee waivers are available

Spring 2013 Training Dates:

Friday, January 18th (for Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students only)
Register for the January 18th training.

Sunday, February 24th
Register for the February 24th training.

Sunday, March 3rd
Register for the March 3rd training.

Saturday, April 6th
Register for the April 6th training.


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