On Campus Resources

Counseling Center
Shoemaker Building, (301) 314-7651
The University of Maryland Counseling Center provides comprehensive psychological and counseling services to meet the mental health and developmental needs of students and others in the campus community. To help foster academic, personal, and career development in students, a wide range of counseling, consultation, and educational services are offered. We support the academic goals of the University through consultation with faculty, staff and campus organizations.

Help Center
(301) 314-HELP
The HELP Center is a campus telephone hotline where you can confidetially speak to a trained student (peer-counselor) about any matter that concerns you.

Psychology Clinic
Bio-Psychology Building, (301) 405-4808 
 The Psychology Clinic provides low-cost, long-term, individual therapy, using cognitive behavioral therapy and/or a psychodynamic orientation. Behavior therapy is also available for anxiety disorders. Psychological testing is also available.

Parent Warm Line
Counseling Center, Shoemaker Building, (301) 314-7673
 Parenting Advice, psychoeducation

Center for Healthy Families
Department of Family Science, (301) 405-3659 or (301) 405-2273 
The Center for Healthy Families provides couples, marriage and family therapy as well as parent education. Services are offered to residents of surrounding communities. All marriage and family therapy services are supervised by the senior clinical faculty of the Department of Family Science. Make an appointment to see a family therapist by calling the Center for Healthy Families. Fees are on a sliding scale ranging from $20 to $60 per session based on a family's income.

Maryland Psychotherapy Clinic & Research Lab
Biology-Psychology Building, (301) 405-5820
The Maryland Psychotherapy Clinic and Research Lab (MPCRL) provides high-quality, low-cost couseling and psychotherapy to adults in the community.  Registered University of Maryland students are NOT eligible for these services.  These services can be helpful for students after graduation, significant others and families of students.  Treatment at MPCRL focuses on gaining insight and understanding of problems in relationships, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, meaning of life, dreams and nightmares. Services are provided by advanced doctoral students supervised by licensed psychologists.

University Chaplains
(301) 314-9866
Pastoral Counseling
Please check the Chaplain Directory for specific contacts from each religion or denomination.