LGBTQ Health & Sexuality Resources

The Rainbow Terrapin Network awarded the University Health Center’s:

  • Jenna Beckwith, Sexual Health Program Coordinator: Advocate for Equity
  • Penny Jacobs, Family Nurse Practitioner: Trans* Advocacy Award

for their commitment to LGBTQ quality healthcare and inclusion.

The University Health Center is committed to providing caring, quality, confidential services to our campus community, inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  We work to provide affirming health and wellness services, so you can be treated well and stay well. 

To meet the health and wellness needs of all campus community members, the University Health Center offers many programs and services. Whether you are interested in primary care or triage, women's health services, exploring alternative medicine, or are looking for general health and wellness information, our staff of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and other health professionals are ready to help.

The University of Maryland at College park scored a 5 out of 5 on the LGBT friendly Campus Climate Index National Assessment Tool. Check out our score and how it was determined, here.

On this page:

Tips for students and other visitors to UHC who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

We invite you to talk openly and honestly with UHC staff. When you make an appointment, we will ask you questions that will help us match you with a clinician and ensure that you will have enough time during your visit to get your needs met. We hope you will feel comfortable to disclose enough information to our appointment schedulers so they can best help you.

During your visit, you may be asked questions that could be hard to discuss, so you may want to prepare in advance to answer questions that are relevant to your reason for visit, which may include your family health history and your own health history and behaviors, including use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, sexual behavior, and domestic violence. The clinician's request for sensitive information is part of the UHC experience for all patients/students when establishing a professional working relationship, regardless of an individual's sexual orientation/gender identity, in order to provide the best services and care for each person.

All UHC services are confidential by law. See Confidentiality for details.

Prepare for your visit:
Lots of people get nervous and their minds go blank in health care situations, so it may be helpful to prep a little. You can make the best use of your time by writing down questions and bringing them to your visit. Our Terps Ask page may help you get started.

Keep your own documentation:
Maintaining copies of your health information is a good way to take ownership of your body, health and health care. Keep a record of what happened at each visit plus anything you want to follow up on.

Give us your feedback:
We hope that you have a good experience when you come to UHC. We invite you to tell us about your experience, because feedback provides us an important learning opportunity and helps us determine ways to improve our services and procedures as well as recognize where we are doing good work (and should keep doing it)! We address all complaints, and the more specific you are, the better we will be able to fix the problem. If you choose to include your name and a means to contact you, we will follow up with you. You can provide feedback online;  your feedback will be shared with appropriate staff.

Especially for trans and genderqueer folks

For billing and reimbursement, it is important to understand that your selection of sex in the medical record needs to agree with the sex the payer (e.g. health insurance) has on file in order to avoid claim rejections. If you are confused about this process, please ask your provider to clarify what is on file to ensure more effective insurance coverage.

Our electronic medical record system has a place in your file to note your “sex”, “gender identity” (which includes: male, female, transmale, transfemale, transgender, gender non-conforming, and other identity not listed), and “sex assigned at birth.” If you think it would be helpful to have these categories appropriately noted in your file, please ask the appointment scheduler that makes your appointment or your provider during your session.

The University Health Center can initiate hormone therapy and provide medical management for patients on stable hormone regimens. This is a specialty service that is offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

Gender-Neutral Restrooms in the Health Center

Single stall, gender-neutral lockable restrooms are located in all of the hallways on the first and second floors of the Health Center. Gender-specific multi-user restrooms are centrally located on the ground floor and second floor.

LGBTQ Health & Wellness Resources

Our goal is not to re-invent the wheel but, rather, to invite you to explore the many wonderful resources already in existence, nationwide. Please peruse this section for more information on LGBTQ sexual health, in addition to information on LGBTQ general health and wellness. If you don’t see what you specifically looking for, feel free to contact the Sexual Health Program Coordinator & University Health Center LGBTQ Liaison, Jenna Beckwith at or 301-314-8130. Additionally, you may ask any LGBTQ health-related question anonymously through The Fenway Institute Ask the LGBTQ Expert Column


Lesbian& Bisexual Women’s Health & Wellness

Lesbian& Bisexual Health: Frequently Asked Questions

Center for Disease Control: Lesbian and Bisexual Health

Ten things Lesbians should talk about with their health care providers

Health Issues for Lesbians: Tips to stay healthy

Information about STD’s, as they pertain to Lesbian Women



Gay& Bisexual Men’s Health& Wellness

Center for Disease Control: Gay& Bisexual Health 

Ten Things Gay Men Should talk about with their health care providers

Health Issues for Gay Men: Tips to stay healthy

HIV/AIDS among Gay, Bisexual, and other Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)


Transgender Health & Wellness

Ten Things Transgender Persons Should discuss with Their Healthcare Care Provider

HIV/AIDS and Transgender Persons

Boston's Fenway Transgender Health Program has a comprehensive website with several links available for general Transgender health and wellness, information on transitioning, links for support groups, glossaries of terms, and more.

Answers to common questions about Transgender individuals and gender identity

I'm Trans. Do I need birth control?

LGBTQ Campus Resources:

National Resources


Feedback & Contact

We want your feedback so we can continue to improve our service.  Visit our feedback page to share your thoughts with us.

For information or concerns about LGBT Health and Wellness Services for students, faculty or staff you may also contact:

Jenna Beckwith, University Health Center LGBT Liaison 

 Joan Bellsey, Faculty and Staff LGBT Liaison