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We can refer to local intensive outpatient and residential programs and assist with continuing care after intensive treatment, but we do not offer this level of services.


The staff at Substance Use, Intervention & Treatment Progam (SUIT) understand that drug and alcohol use occurs on a continuum of severity. We are happy to meet with any registered student who is concerned about their own use, or the use of a friend, roommate or loved one, or who has received feedback from others that their use may be a problem.

We provide comprehensive assessment of alcohol or other drug use and related concerns. Our counseling approach relies heavily on Motivational Interviewing, a collaborative, client-centered approach to help students consider positive alternatives. All treatment planning is individualized and determined by a member of the SUIT counseling team.



The University Health Center keeps medical records in compliance with professional, legal and ethical guidelines. Other than authorized staff, no one will have access to records unless the patient provides permission in writing. Substance Use Intervention & Treatment Program (SUIT) records will not become a part of the patient’s academic file and even the fact that the patient has come to the SUIT will not be disclosed without the patient’s permission. MD state exceptions to confidentiality include the patient being assessed to be in imminent risk of harming themselves or others, a court order, or in accordance with Maryland state laws regarding child or elder abuse.

 If you need to talk about someone’s substance use, please contact us. We can provide general guidance and listen to any concerns you wish to share with us. Effective therapy requires an atmosphere of trust. Questions about the confidentiality policy can be raised at any time with our staff members.



Students can meet individually with a professional counselor to discuss concerns about either their own or another’s use of alcohol or other drugs. These issues are explored in a non-judgmental, respectful manner, and students’ confidentiality is always ensured. If necessary, referrals to community treatment programs will be made.


The counseling program has been established specifically to work with college students experiencing problems with or related to their use of alcohol and/or other drugs and related mental health conditions. The program includes individual and group counseling, 12-step support group meetings, education or coordination with other treatment professionals.


The Healthy TERPS program works to enhance the quality of the student experience and reduce high-risk drinking. Participants will complete a brief online alcohol screening (eCheckupToGo) before attending a 15-30 minute individual appointment to discuss their feedback and how their drinking compares to others.

All registered students are eligible to participate in the program for free.






The early assessment, intervention and education program is intended for students who have been charged with alcohol or other drug-related violations of campus judicial policy or state law, other than DUI or DWI. Motivational interviewing techniques are utilized in a group setting to explore motivation for and consequences of substance misuse.


Drug testing services are available for those individuals who are required to be drug tested (by the court system, employers, attorneys, treatment providers, or the Office of Student Conduct).


Confidential consultation services are provided via phone and in-person meetings, at no charge. We encourage family members, guardians, friends, roommates, faculty and staff to contact SUIT to discuss ways to support students with concerning drug and alcohol use.


All Terps who wish to quit smoking can take advantage of the Smoking Cessation Program’s counseling and self-help materials. Smokers can learn more about their smoking behavior, the best strategies for quitting, and measures to avoid relapse.


The University Health Center offers meditation services to the UMD community. Our certified meditation counselor will take you through a breathing technique that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.  Group & individual sessions are available.

For more information about the Meditation or Smoking Cessation programs, contact Edie Anderson at (301) 314-9629 or



Outpatient Services:

Seeking Treatment: Know What to Ask

UMD Outpatient Program (301) 314-8106
Kolmac Clinic (301) 589-0255

Alcohol Hotline (800) ALCOHOL
Treatment Referral Hotline (800) 662-HELP
Suicide Prevention (800) 273-TALK
LGBT Lifeline (866) 488-7386