Stress Management Services

All Stress Management Programs and Services are FREE of charge at the University Health Center

Learn healthy, productive ways to handle
stress, manage your time, and reach your goals!


Relaxation Training and Stress Management

Do you experience difficulty calming down or falling asleep at night because your mind is racing due to stress? Do you experience headaches, stomach aches, or muscle tension due to stress? Are you struggling to find healthy ways to cope with your stress? Relaxation training can help with any and all of these issues.

The health educator will discuss your current stress levels, provide strategies for managing your stress, guide you through relaxation techniques, and offer referrals to additional campus services and programs. The relaxation techniques that you learn will teach you how to better cope with daily stressful situations. Some of the techniques covered during the appointment include: deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Biofeedback is used to show individuals immediate results after practicing relaxation techniques.


To schedule an appointment:


  • Call 301-314-1493 or email:
  • Appointments are available to all University of Maryland College Park students and generally last 40-60 minutes.