Alcohol & Other Drug Education

    The mission of the Alcohol & Other Drug Education program is to:

    • cultivate a campus community that encourages and supports healthy behaviors and responsible choices 
    • inform students of how alcohol and drugs can impact their overall health and wellness (based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness)
    • educate students on the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to respond in situations involving a medical emergency 
    • address misperceptions of alcohol and drug use among students 
    • increase student awareness of available campus resources

    The Alcohol and Other Drug Education program believes that when students are provided with current and fact-based information they are capable of making responsible choices regarding drugs and alcohol that can reduce the harmful consequences for themselves and their peers. Through comprehensive programming, peer-to-peer education and outreach, and by providing support and access to resources, the program empowers students to make safe and responsible decisions that will enhance their academic and personal success.

    For more information on intervention services; such as counseling, the Healthy TERPS program, and/or Drug Testing, please visit Substance Use Intervention and Treatment



    Looking for an alcohol and drug education presentation or workshop for your classroom, student organization, residence hall, etc.?

    The CHOICES Peer Educators are trained to provide fun, interactive, and informative presentations and workshops for your group (minimum 10 people).  If you would like to schedule a presentation, click here to learn more.  Click here to submit a request.  Please submit your request a minimum of two weeks prior to the preferred presentation date.

    Question about the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program? 

    Please contact Madeleine Moore, Campus Alcohol Programs Coordinator, at


    To read the University's Student Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Guide, click here.