Gold Code

The Gold Code is an awareness campaign to educate the campus community on reducing the risks associated with drinking alcohol. While we we want to make sure that if you do choose to drink, you choose to drink responsibly, we also recognize that 1 in 4 Terps choose not to drink alcohol, and the Gold Code celebrates that choice!

Before you start drinking, make sure to enjoy a meal high in protein (i.e. cheeses, meats, black beans, peanuts, etc.). Having protein-rich food in your system before you start drinking will help to slow the absorption of alcohol, which helps control your blood alcohol levels.

If you decide to drink, there are many ways to pace yourself and make sure you have fun all night long! make sure to measure the amount of alcohol you put in the drink. Avoid taking drinks from someone you don’t know or from communal bowls as you may not be able to accurately measure the amount of alcohol in the drink. Have a system for keeping track of the number of drinks you consume.

When going out for the evening, whether alcohol is involved or not, make sure to stay with a group of friends throughout the night. Before leaving for the evening, determine how everyone will get home safely. Take advantage of the University provided safe options; such as the UM Shuttle, Nite-Ride, and 24-hour escort service with UMPD.

Have a night to remember, not a night to forget! Alcohol poisoning occurs when a large amount of alcohol is consumed; typically over short period of time. Drink responsibly by avoiding activities that encourage consuming large amounts of alcohol (i.e. chugging, drinking games, etc.) and alternating alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages.



Looking for more information?

If you have questions about the Gold Code Campaign, please contact Madeleine Somers, Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Coordinator,at

Would you like to talk with someone about your drinking habits or the drinking habits of a friend or family member?

Please reach out to the Substance Use Intervention and Treatment Office at 301-314-8106.

Interested in how your alcohol use compares to other students?

Take 10 minutes to complete eCheckup To Go and receive personalized feedback on your drinking habits!"