fsap appt schedule

Either call or e-mail Tom Ruggieri at 301-314-8170 or ruggieri@umd.edu; or Joan Bellsey at 301-314-8099 or jbellsey@umd.edu. We schedule our own appointments and we are the only ones who answer our phones so feel free to leave a confidential message. We will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in reading the Notice of Privacy Practices, click here: Notice of Privacy Practices

If you are interested in completing the Privacy Form prior to the appointment, click on it here: Privacy Form

The Faculty Staff Assistance Program and Services are FREE to University of Maryland faculty and staff. It is the University Health Center policy that all visitors receiving services have the opportunity to read the NOTICE of PRIVACY PRACTICES and the PATIENT CONSENT, ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS AND FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENT. Financial responsibility occurs should you receive other clinical care within the University Health Center or other entity, outside of the Faculty Staff Assistance Program.