Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance, Payment, and Fees


Where is the University Health Center located?

The University Health Center is Building 140 on Campus Drive directly across from the Adele H. Stamp Student Union.

Is there transportation to the University Health Center?

Shuttle UM -- The University Health Center is adjacent to the UM Lot HH Shuttle UM stop.

Metrorail -- The University of Maryland is on the College Park/Green Line Metrorail stop. A Shuttle UM bus runs from the College Park Metro Station to the Lot HH shuttle bus stop which is adjacent to the University Health Center.

Public buses -- The following bus lines stop on Campus Drive near the University Health Center, Metrobus, TheBus, and Ride On

Metrobus and Metrorail can also be reached by calling 202-637-7000.

What do I do if the University Health Center is closed and I need to be seen?

Please visit our After Hours/Emergency Care page for suggestions to local urgent care centers and hospitals.

How is the University Health Center staffed?

Clinical services are provided by licensed Medical Physicians, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners, and Certified Physician Assistants between 8am and 6pm Monday through Friday and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. 

What happens if I need to be admitted to a hospital or see a specialist?

Occasionally a student will need to be sent to a hospital for a serious illness or injury, or to a specialist for services not provided at the University Health Center. The University Health Center maintains an extensive referral list of specialists and hospitals in the local community. You will be referred, at your own expense, to these providers when necessary.

What should I do if I miss class because of an illness? 

The University Health Center (UHC) does not routinely provide medical excuse notes. Only if a student has a prolonged illness or hospitalization of which the UHC is aware that results in missed class, will a medical excuse be provided. It is relatively rare that we specifically recommend absence from class as a result of a visit to the UHC, though this documentation will be provided if it is included specifically in our treatment plan. Provision of a medical excuse will depend on the clinician’s assessment of the severity of illness.

In some circumstances, a student may choose to share a “medical discharge summary” from the UHC, as evidence of their visit to the UHC. This document should not be construed to imply that absence from class was recommended. If a student misses a “major scheduled grading event” and they are evaluated at the UHC, a medical excuse may be provided. This will depend on the medical provider’s assessment of the severity of the illness.

The University Policy on Excused Absences can be found at, Policy V-1.00(G).

Who serves as a student voice to the University Health Center administration?

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) acts as a student voice to the University Health Center (UHC) administration. SHAC members sit on a variety of committees. SHAC also works closely with the Director of the UHC in response to any comments, complaints, suggestions, or compliments received by the UHC. You can contact SHAC at

How can I register a comment, complaint, suggestion, or compliment?

If you have a comment, complaint, suggestion, or compliment about our services , please visit our Feedback page or contact the Student Health Advisory Committee at  SHAC responds to all comments and suggestions.  Each comment is then forwarded to the Director of the University Health Center (UHC) for appropriate action. If you have recently visited the UHC, we encourage you to participate in our Quality of Care survey by clicking here.

How do I obtain a copy of my Medical Records?

The Health Center keeps student Medical Records for 5 years.  To request a copy: Download, Print, Complete, Sign and the Patient Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI) form. Please fax the completed form to (301) 405-9755 or submit the form in person at the Health Center.