Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy is a big event in a woman's life, and it's normal to have many questions about it. Some people have basic questions about how pregnancy happens. Others may have questions about avoiding pregnancy while some are considering pregnancy and seeking pre-pregnancy health information. Some people may be looking for options regarding an unintended pregnancy.

Pregnancy testing is available at the Health Center:

  • You may schedule an appointment to have a blood or urine pregnancy test performed by calling 301-314-8190.  You will be given an appointment with a provider who will give you your results, referrals, and information about available support services.


  • You may visit the Health Center Pharmacy to purchase an over-the-counter urine home pregnancy test.

Fees will apply for each of these services.

Although the University Health Center does not offer pre-pregnancy counseling or on-going pre-natal care, the Women's Health Unit and the Sexual Health Program coordinator are available for consultation and referrals to help you navigate the process.

University Health Center Women’s Health Unit, 301-314-8190 if you are seeking medical attention/advice. This appointment will be at-cost. The receptionist in Women’s Health will help you determine if a University Health Center or referral to an outside provider is best suited for your needs.

University Health Center Sexual Health Education Programs, or call Jenna Beckwith at 301-314-8130 for a FREE individual consultation.  Jenna will be able to talk through your options and help you navigate your plan of action.