Contraceptive (Birth Control) Services

Maggi Bridwell
Center for Women's Health

In Women's Health, students can obtain prescriptions for oral contraceptives (birth control pills), the vaginal ring (Nuva Ring), the contraceptive patch (Ortho-Evra), diaphragms, emergency contraceptive pills and Depo Provera injections. Diaphragm checks and instructions on other forms of birth control are offered as well. IUDs are available at the UHC. Interested patients can discuss this option with a provider, insertion and removal are dependent on patient insurance. We have compiled a list of local referrals for those interested in receiving this option off-campus. Implanon insertion is not currently performed at the University Health Center, however, referrals and information are given upon request.

The emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) Plan B One Step and Ella are available at the health center. Plan B One Step is over the counter at our Pharmacy and Ella requires an office visit and prescription.

Get more information on birth control methods.

Get more information about ECP options.

Birth Control prescription refills can be obtained by appointment in Women's Health.
For appointments, please call (301) 314-8190.