Meet Our Staff

Our Staff

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Deirdre Younger, R.Ph., M.S.
Associate Director
Danielle Lewis
Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Zapata, BS
HR, Administrative Coordinator
Joan Bellsey, LCSW
Assistant Coordinator, Faculty Staff Assistance Program
Tom Ruggieri, LCSW-C
Coordinator, Faculty Staff Assistance Program
Edie Anderson, B.A., B.S.
Smoking Cessation Counselor and Meditation Instructor
Jenna Beckwith, M. Ed, NCC
Sexual Health Program Coordinator
Jane Jakubczak, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN
Coordinator of Nutrition Services
Julia Matute, MPH
Coordinator of Marketing
Sarah Wilson, MSW, MPH
Coordinator of Health and Wellness
Denise Weiss
Coordinator of Appts/Medical Records
Marta J. Hopkinson, M.D.
Mental Health Director
Sarah Harte, LCSW-C
Substance Use Disorders Counselor
Allison Malcolm, M.D.
Jennifer Sherman, LCSW-C
Jouhaynaa Bajjani-Gebara, PhD(C), MSN, RN
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Jeri Boliek, LCSW-C
Triage Coordinator
Jeremy Brown, LGPC, M.S.
Jennifer Leib, LCSW-C
Binali Mehta, MD
Stacy Woods, M.D.
Staff Psychiatrist
Rebekah Giannakos, NP
Coordinator, Occupational Health
Marie Powell-Daly, R.Ph.
Pharmacy Coordinator
Arlene Hernandez
Physical Therapy Coordinator
Rita Devens, RN
Nurse Manager
Joy Howard, M.D.
Supervising Physician, Urgent Care
Donna Jacobs, NP
Nurse Practitioner
Jessica Pérez, PA-C, MMS
Physician Assistant
Brooke Scruggs, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Heather Teitelbaum, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Tina Thorburn, RN
Nursing Supervisor
Carol Vilas, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Penny Jacobs, CRNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Karen Lefler, CRNP
Nurse Practitioner
Linda LeGrand, RN
Nursing Supervisor