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Still looking for something to do on campus?           

Discover Campus – Check out all the awesome campus attractions and hot spots

Get Involved – Make the most of your student experience and get involved with campus organizations  

#TreatYoSelfUMD – Take a break!  You deserve it!

  • Have a Netflix Marathon!
  • Play board games
  • Have a scary movie marathon with friends
  • Plan a trip home and surprise your family
  • Listen to music and have a dance party
  • Complete small acts of kindness
  • Read a book that has nothing to do with your classes
  • Get a relaxing massage at the University Health Center
  • Connect your mind, body, and spirit with a free meditation session

Local Attractions

Travel to DC and visit the Smithsonian – There are tons of things to do in the local and surrounding communities.  Here are a few:  

UMD Bucket List – Things to do before you graduate!

  • Learn the UMD Fight Song
  • Show your school spirit and attend an event for every Athletic Team
  • Visit every Testudo statue on campus
  • Eat at every dining hall on campus
  • Get a picture with Jim Henson & Kermit the Frog
  • Take a picture at the “M” Circle
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset on McKeldin Mall
  • Get a picture with Testudo
  • Visit all the places on the UMD Ghost Tour