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Want to meditate now?

Listen here as Edie Anderson, Certified Meditation Counselor, takes you through a breathing technique that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed:

So Hum Breathing


Connecting in Mind, Body & Spirit


Do you need an individual session?

Call Edie Anderson at (301) 314-9629 to schedule an appointment today! 

Individual sessions are available Tuesday through Friday.

Faculty,Staff, & Visitor: $10 per 1 hour session.

There is NO CHARGE for UMD Students.

Meditation and Its Benefits



Meditation is a journey inward to the authentic self, the soul that is pure and whole.  It is a technology that brings health and healing to mind, body and spirit.  The inward journey taken through meditation, if practiced daily, will over time awaken creativity, healing and transformation.  Meditation expands our internal reference point from constricted to expanded awareness allowing us to explore our essential nature and restore the memory of our pure wholeness and inner bliss.  The silence we can experience in meditation helps to establish an inner quietness in our daily lives providing access to our creativity and enabling us to make more life-affirming choices. Listening to the dialogue of our thoughts quietly opens us up to an awareness of our infinite possibilities, for letting go of thoughts not needed and for allowing our transformation of intention.  Meditation is an antidote to stress and a pathway to wholeness and wellness connecting in mind, body and spirit.


Meditation is not about forcing your mind and body to be quiet but to rather allow and discover our dialogue and the stillness and quietness that is already there when we choose to just let go in mind and body.  Meditation is not a religious or cult based practice.  Meditation like many things in life does not work for everyone.  Keeping an open mind about experiencing meditation in your unique awareness will help with finding your internal peace and allow your body and mind to relax.


Sit comfortably with shoes removed and a pillow under your feet if possible or just sit comfortably in a safe place.  Close your eyes and just follow your breath, feeling it come into your body and leaving your body with a non-judgemental and gentle awareness. 

Allow yourself to let go in mind and body by hearing the vibrational sound of SOOOO as you breathe in and HUUUUMMM as you exhale.  As thoughts come up just gently repeat the sound of SOOOOO and HUUUUMMM a little louder as you breathe allowing the thoughts to disappear into the background and eventually away into space.  Thoughts and ideas of importance will be recaptured after time spent meditating.

For more information or to make an appointment call (301) 314-9629 or email


The University Health Center Group Meditation Program is a free service to University of Maryland students, staff and faculty. It is not open to the general public.

Individual sessions are free for students; the faculty, staff and visitor fee is $10 per session.

Faculty and staff Group Meditation Sessions are fee-based and available upon request. Please call (301) 314-9629 for pricing and reservations.